This privacy policy applies to all personal data that The Yoga Root processes. Including students, partakers and other interested people. When you become a student at The Yoga Root, or provide personal data for other reasons, you will give permission to process your data in agreement with this Privacy Policy

  1. The Responsible

Responsible for processing personal data is: The Yoga Root, Eendrachtskade 4-7 9726CW, 0612352244, Kvk : 71428240 The official member manager is accessable through this email:

2. Which data and for which goal The Yoga Root processes

  1.  through participation we process the following information:
    a. First name and surname b. E-mail adress
    c. Phone number d. Postal code and address
  2. The Yoga Root processes this data for the following purposes:
    a. Your name, phone number and e-mail address are used to contact about participation and cancellation, subscription into a lessons on the online platform, the personal account, creating of the account, and for the sending of other products via the postal service.
    b. Your name, email address and telephone number are used for sending other services and activities of The Yoga Root
    c. Your name is used for payments, for participation in classes, and other services.
  3.  Your address , e-mail address, telephone number and name are being kept in our administration till the maximum of a year after your cancellation of participation. We use this information to ask you about your experiences at The Yoga Root and inform you about developments within The Yoga Root.

3. Storage Period.

The Yoga Root processes and stores your personal data for the duration of your membership till the maximum of one year after the membership was cancelled. After this period the data will be destroyed.

4. Security measures and processors

  1. To protect your personal data The Yoga Root implemented suitable organizational measures.
  2. For the processing of your personal data The Yoga Root does not make use of third parties.

5. Right of inspection, removal, questions and complains

  1. . Through the participant administration of The Yoga Root you can submit a request for looking through the data, receive data, change data or delete data. The Yoga Root will take action on your request within a month.
  2. If you want to make an objection against the processing of your personal data as in article 2, you can contact the participant administration.
  3. If you have complaints about the way we process your personal data or questions you can contact ‘de Nationale Ombudsman’.
  4. Other question or comments about this Privacy Policy can be directed to:

6. Amendments

This Pivacy Policy can be changed. The changes will be announched via the website.