Ever since I started doing yoga with Dewi, her lessons are my favourite yoga moments. Dewi is in touch with the underlying philosophy and spirituality of yoga. She also comes across as a professional and friendly teacher. I experience her lessons as a perfect balance between mental peace and physical challenge. A moment to go out of the head and into the body, and I enjoy that very much.

Kayleigh Beard
Web developer en kunstenaar

I have been doing Yoga with Dewi for the past four years. When I started yoga my body sensation and emotions were hidden away from me. Yoga helped me to listen and allow more of who I am. I must say that having a teacher which is present to the core of it, really helped me to feel safe in the class thus giving me the space to expand and flourish. In my experience, Dewi was able to sense what I needed and gave me as much as I could handle. I never felt under pressure and still at the same time a sense of challenge that was very satisfying. At the end of every class, I felt like a new person ready to conquer the world. I recommend to everybody in all ages and body types to try the yoga root!

Angelos Messios

Since a couple of weeks i join the classes of Dewi . She establishes a sereen atmosphere. Through this i find rest which helps with the concentration needed for the postures. The postures and class content are well matched and coordinated . She alignes to the group en impovises where needed.
Briefly put i really value getting to know these classes and yoga in general.
Marja Bakker
Trainer Youth Care

My name is Dewi and I came into contact with yoga at an early age.
The positive effects of yoga that caught me were the soothing effect, the calmness in thought and the subtle experiences.
It was something that felt natural to me.
Yoga was an anchor throughout the creative pursuits when I studied at the Art Academy and it helped me to deal with stress and anxiety.
After my study, yoga started to get more important in my life and it made me want to get a better grasp of the practice and knowledge of yoga. This is why I started a 3 year dynamic Hatha yoga study alongside a study Spiritual Psychology. This last study has yet to be finished. These studies combined gave me a broad perspective on our psychology, well-being, behaviour, energy management and possibilities for growth. An intensive time of self development, as well as gaining teaching experience, resulted in the start of The Yoga Root. Now I want to share with you what I have learned, what yoga has brought me and what i am about to learn.

You are warmly invited into my class!

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