Did you always wanted to try yoga but never got over that hump to really go for it ?
Were you always curious how it feels to really do yoga everyday of the week ?
Do you want to challenge yourself into relaxation?
Now is a good time to jump in and go for it!

 ♥Take part of the 7 days yoga challenge and experience the effects of yoga when practiced on a daily basis

In this 7 day yoga experience we are bringing our attention into the body.
Going through the whole system in 7 days from the feet till the top touching the pranic systems. You will be challenged to dive with awareness into your body,  to play and to find new possibilities.
With meditation we focus on recognizing the stable ground within. In the end of this week we will  feel more comfortable and happy within ourselves, feel refreshed and blessed with new experiences.
In addition to the yoga class some yogic information will be shared connected to the theme of that day and after every class some healthy treats and tea will be provided.

Monday 10 – 11.30 am
Balancing postures, legs, feet, earth element
Information about apana Prana

Tuesday 10 – 11.30 am
Hip openers, strengthening the hips, lower back, letting go, water element
Infomation about apana prana

Wednesday 10 – 11.30 am
Core strengthening, Twists, diaphram, fire element, personal strength
Information about samana prana

Thursday 10-  11.30 am
Backbending, shoulders, opening of the chest, air element
Information about vyana prana

Friday 10 – 11.30 am
Shoulders and nek, expression, ether element
Information about udana Prana

Saturday 10 – 11.30   am
Practicing inner focus, holding postures for a longer time, repetition
Information about prana,

Sunday 10 – 11.30   am
Complex balance, inversions.
Information about the chackra system

Give yourself a gift this summer!
Experienced or not experienced. All is welcome in this course!
Check with yourself how commited you are because we would like you to come every day to get the  full experience!
Don’t be too serious because here you can play!

The costs for this event are 109€ for 7 days.
Students pay only 59€ for 7 days
Minima pays 79€  for 7 days

How to participate?
Please send and email to dewi.theyogaroot@gmail.com before 15th of July if you want to participate or fill in the contact form on my website.
Transfer payement to IBAN NL61 KNAB 0257366482 also before 15th of July.

The maximum amount of people for this course is 15 participants. So be quick!

If you are unable to come everyday but still want to join how it fits with your own planning please send an email to dewi.theyogaroot@gmail.com

Love to meet you there!