To return to your base, The Yoga Root is the place to be.
Are you looking for relaxation, body awareness, flexibility, strength or challenges?
The Yoga Root offers you the safe space in which you can develop these aspects.
Our first priority, our first need is to feel safe and acknowledged. Only then can our body feel supported, and are we able empty our mind and release tension. After this, clarity can arise as well as an open space ready for understanding, opening of the heart, inspiration and aligned action.

The Yoga Root creates this space for you and guides you through a 75-minute class. We take this time to create that space in the body as a base for the meditation. With meditation we take our attention to within and we develop a feeling of stability and safety within ourselves, so that we can take this experience with us in our day to day lifes.

The lessons are tranquil, but challenging. We are searching for the borders of our comfort zone to acknowledge them, to shift them and to find more freedom.

      • Knowledge and care for the alignment of postures
      • Knowledge and care for individual proccesses
      • Openminded and intuitive method of teaching
      • Every week another area of focus within the body. This wil establish deeper noticable effects
      • Classes include verbal guidance both in English and in Dutch

Private class?

When you have specific ailments, prefere more attention or when it is just more practical for you to do yoga in the comfort of your own home.
I am open to give private classes on location as well as in the studio.
Together we can custom shape the class of your preference.
Don’t hesitate to contact.

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